Bringing Automated Cash Payments and Self Service to the
Independent Retail Sector

The ACM 150 is a compact machine which delivers a high performance pay point bringing both reliability and efficiency to the retailer. It can operate as a stand alone machine or it can be integrated with any POS system.

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We strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction

We provide the retail sector with cash handling machines that are reliable and produced at a competitive price.

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Automated cash handling at your fingertips

The ACM 150 automated cash machine will provide the market with powerful note and coin recycling capabilities at a competitive price. The note and coin recycling components have a proven track record of superior performance in the market. This technology within the ACM 150 allows for the delivery of a revolutionary product to the independent and multiple retailer.

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Machine Overview

  • Customer Service

    The iCashco ACM150 improves customer service at the point of sale. The ACM150 will faclitate a fast efficient transaction while also allowing for a personal touch. Shop assistants will have more time to spend with the customer.

  • Security

    The note and coin recognition technology in the ACM150 will eliminate the risk of counterfit currency being accepted as payment. It validates all notes and coins returned as change to the customers. The instant online notifications provides the retailer with a recordable trace in terms of date, time and value of cash removed from the machine.

  • Convenience

    The ACM150 maintains a record of all cash transactions, thereby eliminating the need for back office staff to reconcile sales and cash. The ACM150 will eliminate the necessity to set up floats for each staff member. The ACM150 will give control to the retailer by offering the flexibility to remove cash from the machine at a convenient time. The convenience of using the ACM150 will allow more time for staff to concentrate on other aspects of their work. The ACM150 will remove the responsibility of teller staff to cash out at the end of their shift and eliminates the risk of giving incorrect change to their customers.

  • Bank Charges

    The arrival of the ACM150 provides the retailer with a safe, secure and traceable system to handle cash. The ACM150 provides an excellent note and coin recycling facility thus reducing the withdrawal/lodgement of cash which inturn will help to reduce bank charges.

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