ACM 150

Secure, low cost automated cash handling

  • The ACM 150 cash machine will have a direct link to the EPOS/ cash register.
  • The amount payable will be displayed on the customer screen.
  • The customer will present their cash payment to the machine.
  • The machine will return the change to the customer.
  • The machine will print a receipt completing the transaction.
  • The full process will be visable to the shop assistant on the rear display screen.


  • Increased security
  • Increased staff flexibility as till change over is not required
  • Full audit traceability - no shrinkage
  • Reduced back office time in cash counting and staff till preparation
  • Future proof (easy updates via USB, SD card).
  • Reduced bank charges
  • Automated cash counting reduces errors
  • Increased staff well being


  • Combined bulk coin validator, mixed coin hopper & recycler.
  • Accepts and validates all major currencies.
  • 1500 coin capacity.
  • 120 note recycling capacity.
  • 600 note cash box capacity.
  • Easy maintenance, firmware updates and data logging. Warnings on lack of change or full cash box.
  • Two touch screen monitors -one front and one rear.

Technical Specification

  • Note Acceptance Rate: 98% or greater
  • Note Dimensions: 62mm-83mm width, 120mm-186mm length
  • Note Transaction Speed: Approximately 3.1 seconds to recycle, Approximately 1.4 seconds to dispense, Approximately 4.4 seconds to stack
  • Coin Capacity: 200(€2) + 750(€1) +500(50c)
  • Coin Dimensions: 18 – 28.5mm Diameter, 1.65-3.2mm Thickness
  • Coin Payout Speed: Up to 12 coins per second
  • Power Supply: 220v/240v +/- 10% AC, 50Hz, with 13A fused plug
  • Environmental: Operating Temperature: 0°C – 60°C, Storage Temperature: -30°C – 70°C, Humidity: 5-95% relative humidity
  • Product Dimensions: 350mm width, 465mm depth, 739mm height
  • Product Weight: 68 kgs

Email Reporting Benefits

  • End Of Day Reports emailed automatically each day
  • Live Cash Reports emailed at pre-set times.
  • Cashbox removal email alert
  • Low level denomination email alert
  • Refill report email alert.


  • Cashbox: Lockable, removable and durable with  600-note Capacity.
  • Note Recyclers: Two 60-note recycling drums. Recycles up to  two denominations.
  • Anti-stringing Module: Enhanced security against mechanical fraud.
  • Coin Recycler: Combined bulk coin validator, mixed coin hopper  & recycler
  • PC: Operating system windows 7
  • Printer
  • Battery Back Up